Friday, October 22, 2010


Today was a bit of an up and down day.  I started off at at the doctor's office getting a shot of Nuelasta (helps push my reserves of while blood cells out into my body to make up for some of the ones I'm losing from my chemo treatment), which was easy enough.  Then I went to lunch with my mom at Le Madeline for some soup.  And finally I ended up at the hair salon to get my transitional haircut (Photos pending).

My thought is that if I'm going to lose my hair in two weeks, it will be much easier to lose half of it, rather than the really long hair I had.  Now I have just above shoulder length hair to get me through the next few days.  I had a wonderful experience at the salon and the hair dresser I had (I forgot to ask his name) was absolutely wonderful.  I had a few friends from AH&A come down to join me (since the salon was just down the street), and of course my fabulous mother was there. After the hair cut was over, I walked up to AH&A to say high to some old friends and it turned out to be a fantastic afternoon.  Thanks to you all.

I came home to find that Ben had gotten out of work early, so we spent a little time cleaning and organizing the apartment with my mom.  The place still doesn't look fantastic, but its hard to keep things clean when you have other things on your mind.   ;o)

During the cleaning, I had a bit of an emotional breakdown -- as my mom described it, all of the drugs and chemicals they have been pumping into my body have finally worked their wait to the surface.  Overall I feel fine, I guess I just needed to let it out a little.

My wonderful, wonderful boyfriend Ben then went to the grocery store for me and made me a chili cheese baked potato which, oddly enough, was exactly what I needed.  And while he was at the store, I got to finish watching "The Holiday", which is one of my favorite movies, and despite how much he loves me, I know I couldn't make him sit through watching that.  :o)  My dad came up to take my mom home so for awhile the gang was all here and we were able to have sort of dinner together.

Now I'm anxious about tomorrow.  They say that days 3 and 4 could be the day when could start really feeling symptoms of chemo and up until now, I've feel largely fine.  I just hope I don't get hit too hard -- I really would like to sail through this without much trouble -- is that too much to ask?

Thank you again for all of the thoughts and and good vibes.  It makes me smile to see all of your well wishes and helps to keep me going through all of this.

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  1. I had never blogged before, but then you had never chemoed before, and the only reason that puts us on equal footing is that I have chemoed. I spoke with your dad yesterday and asked how you were doing he said, "Are you reading the blog?" I guess he taught me that it is not a one shot deal but ongoing. I went back on the site your mother sent me to find the additional two entries.(Keep in mind your mother is HI TECH next to me-I think it has to do with the skills she picked up in home ec at Neshaminy-I preferred study hall.) (Wait is a blog a short comment or can you go into a lengthy discourse?) I appreciate you sharing your journey and it has brought back so many memories of the wonderful people I have met and situations I have encountered. Focus on the waffle/yogurt lady and do not lose sight of your end goal. Oh and don't cook with your wig on...
    You and your 'support staff'are in my daily prayers. Peace. Pat R