Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Round Two... Ding! Ding!

After tomorrow I will be 33% done with my chemo treatments. 

That's right, I get to look forward to round two of chemo!  While I know it won't be a few weekend, I do take comfort in knowing that I will feel like normal again and that it doesn't knock me out for the entire three weeks. 

I went to my oncologist today and she told me that I was progressing very well in my treatment, so Ben and I went out to celebrate with Thai food. 

In other news, my head is starting to get sensitive and is getting a little spotty, so I think my buzz cut may soon go the way of the rest of my hair, but it hardly matters anymore.  Once you are GI Jane, who cares if you then become Mr. Clean.  I'm really digging the scarf look and my new earrings.   Now I just need to procure more scarves to expand my head wear wardrobe. 

Here's hoping that round two isn't any worse than round one (and here's hoping it goes ever better)!


  1. Thanks for the update--glad your doctor said you were progressing well!! Love your comment about GI Jane becoming Mr. Clean. haha Good luck in round two :)

  2. Erin,
    By now you are home resting after round 2 of treatment today - we're with you in thought every step of the way, celebrating the good news from your doctor and 33% of chemo completed! Aunt Nancy's Tip of the Day....wear sunscreen on your head to protect from sunburn!